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Re: Working on getting up there!

>     Well, I connected the yagi to the rig, fired up WinTrack v4.54 and WOW!  I
> sure was impressed!  I was hearing, though very faintly (5/3) QSO's going on on
> FO-20!
>     Now comes the discouraging news.  I was unable to hear my own signal on the
> satellite.  I have 2 2m antennas at the ready, my trusty 17B2 (horizontal) and a
> vertical discone.  I was tuning around and just could not figure this one out at
> all!  I have read many posts on this reflector, where operators use just a
> J-pole for their uplinks!  So I decided to use the discone for the job.
> o Satellite trying to hit is FO-20
> o Radio is the Yaesu FT736r
> o Amp is the Mirage B310g (10w in 100w out) (mostly I had the amp OFF)
> o NO Pre-Amp
> o 2m up I used 17B2 & discone
> o 70 cm down I use the 18 ele yagi (sits above the 17B2 on the same mast 8' off
> the ground)
>     I start my tuning for FO-20 @ 145.850MHz LSB Up / 435.850MHz USB Down.
> o Question: How do you properly tune into a satellite?
> o Question: Which FT736 SAT Selections should I be set to?  (Should I be in NORM
> or REV?)

Hello Michael,

I use the following frequency 's in the tunable SAT-memories in mine Icom 
IC-821h for the use on both FO20 & FO29:

Downlink: 	435.857 USB
Uplink:    	145.950 LSB
Satmode: 	Reverse

Exact Up- or Downlink frequency is depanding on the dopplershift of the 
satellite, so just leave your uplink on 145.950 and start tuning on the 
downlink up & down for about 10 KHz to find your own downlink, put the 
FT736r back in SAT-rev. and tune till you find a station who you want to 
call, if You hear the other station zero beat, leave the downlink freq. as it is 
and tune your UPLINK only to hear your own downlink zerobeat on his freq.
Put the Ft736r back to SAT-rev. again and make your QSO, tuning the 
downlink during the QSO willbe needed because of the heavy dopplershift 
of both FO20 & FO29. Repeat above steps during your QSO (tuning your 
uplink to have your own downlink zerobeat to his downlink during the QSO)

							73's de Frank pe1knl@amsat.org
							JO22hc in the Netherlands
							Member of AMSAT-DL

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