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Working on getting up there!

Hello all you electronic bird hunters!

    I have a slight dilemma here in FN13!  I hope with your help, I can get
connected to the satellites!

    This weekend I constructed half of my circular 432 MHz 18 ele x 2 Yagi-Uda
antenna.  Half I say, because I only had enough wire connectors to put the
horizontal yagi together.  When I go back to work on tuesday, I'll pick up the
other 18 connectors.

    Well, I connected the yagi to the rig, fired up WinTrack v4.54 and WOW!  I
sure was impressed!  I was hearing, though very faintly (5/3) QSO's going on on

    Now comes the discouraging news.  I was unable to hear my own signal on the
satellite.  I have 2 2m antennas at the ready, my trusty 17B2 (horizontal) and a
vertical discone.  I was tuning around and just could not figure this one out at
all!  I have read many posts on this reflector, where operators use just a
J-pole for their uplinks!  So I decided to use the discone for the job.

o Satellite trying to hit is FO-20
o Radio is the Yaesu FT736r
o Amp is the Mirage B310g (10w in 100w out) (mostly I had the amp OFF)
o NO Pre-Amp
o 2m up I used 17B2 & discone
o 70 cm down I use the 18 ele yagi (sits above the 17B2 on the same mast 8' off
the ground)

    I start my tuning for FO-20 @ 145.850MHz LSB Up / 435.850MHz USB Down.

o Question: How do you properly tune into a satellite?
o Question: Which FT736 SAT Selections should I be set to?  (Should I be in NORM
or REV?)

    While fiddling around and tuning into 145.872.7 FM-N up / 435.826.7 FM-N
down, I AM able to clearly hear my signal!  Problem here though is when I looked
over to WinTrack, There were no VISIBLE satellites to be had!  Nothing was even

o Would this be a HARMONIC from 2m that I'm picking up on 70 cm?  This only
occurs from:

435.825.7 - 435.828.1 FM-N
145.873.7 - 145.871.1 FM-N

145.872.7 FM up / 435.826.7 FM down is the best reception heard though.  This
just doesn't seem right, what-so-ever.  Of course, the SAT selection is in REV
position.  I DO NOT hear anything when I tune up at 145.850MHz FM-N Up /
435.850MHz FM-N Down, and work my way down to 435.826.7.

Ain't this one WEIRD???  I can go to the radio right now and xmit at the above
freq & hear myself in FM-N, doesn't matter which 2m antenna I'm on!

So to re-cap, I can hear the downlinks coming in, but can't hear my own signal
going up!

Any answers to these weird happenings?  Am I just Jinxed here?
73 & Best DX de...
VE3VRQ, Michael
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                 * Rig: Yaesu FT736R @10w      *
                 * Ant: 3ele Cubical Quad @6'! *
                 * Amp: Mirage A1015G 150w     *

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