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Re: Parise MIR KEPS fixed !!!

> Got the latest MIR keps via E-mail this morning.  I did the
> usual cut/paste operation, then went to the MIR title to
> remove the 3 spaces.  Surprise!!  they were not there.  I
> appreciate getting the MIR keps daily, and had no intention
> of complaining about the spaces.  You take what you can get!
> Somebody must have been lurking, cause they fixed the
> problem.  

Maybe I'm missing something, but it sure seems to me that 
all the "problems" that have been reported are not problems 
with the keps, but problems with the software.  It is nice that 
they "fixed" the keps to match what whatever software you 
were using seems to be expecting, but it seems like you 
should either be looking for software fixes or switching 
software? I think it is a bit on the poor side for software not to 
be able to accomodate spaces. I know the software I've been 
using didn't have any problems with ANY of the recent keps.
Spaces have appeared in keps from time to time for years. All 
software should be able to tolerate them.

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