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Observations of a Newbie

I would like to share some things I have found since I first started trying
to build my satellite system consisting of an iCOM IC-821H, Yaesu G-5400B
rotor, Cushcraft 738XB 70cm ant. and A144-20T 2m ant., The Station Program
for automation and the Kansas City Tracker w/o Tuner, and 9913F (bear in
mind, I have yet to make a contact):

    1.  Unless you prefer lots of frustration, just put a section of tower
in the ground and pour bags of Quik-crete around it.  I put up 23' of tower
and sunk 2' of it.  Works wonderful and is much less frustrating than trying
to put a base on a concrete pad.

    2.  After orienting my Yaesu G-5400 on my tower, I noticed that Up on
the controller was Down on the antennas and vice versa.  The side of the
rotor with the rotor cable connections should face North.  Thorough
investigation of the Yaesu manual does not tell the user this.

    3.  Make sure that when you install the cross-boom, that the elevation
is 0 deg and not 90 deg.  I made this mistake and changed it today when I
realized that the KCT wasn't tracking correctly.

    4.  Do not install the software that comes with the KCT if you are using
Station.  I had two sets of drivers loaded and the rotor and controller were
making a lot of "clicking."  Thanks for the help on this one folks...
Station uses Windows drivers and provides ample calibration of the interface
to the rotor controller.

    5.  Reboot after doing *anything* with the KCT and Station.  After
installing the KCT and calibrating it, I kept getting erroneous results when
testing the the interface and the rotor controller.  45 deg. was 60 deg on
the controller, 0 deg was 45 deg on the controller, and 90 deg was actually
90 deg.  After rebooting, all this cleared up.

I hope to add a 70cm preamp next week (I have ordered it, but it hasn't
arrived).  Hopefully, this will be fairly straightforward.  If not, you can
be rest assured that I will tap the enormous resources of the AMSAT-BB.
Thanks to all who have helped.  I had hoped to get on the birds today, but
due to T-storms in the area have precluded me from getting on today.

OM:  Joel B. Black, KS4AW     XYL:  Kristie H. Black, KF4CHN
Eutaw, AL     EM62bv               kahblack@mindspring.com
AMSAT 32589

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