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Re: Timewave DSP-232 Follow-up

>Does anyone have this TNC working on the pacsats?
> I understand that Timewave sold them off at $100 apiece?

Yes, Timewave has a limited time offer ( see their web site
www.timewave.com )
for the DSP-232.

>It would have been a nice purchase...if they did 1200 baud
>PSK and 9600 G3RUH.

See excerpt below - non-functional
Excerpt from Timewave's web site about DSP-232 offer

Important Note: Several of the features described in the data sheet either
do not function properly or were never implemented in the production units.
RTTY, AMTOR, 1200 baud PACKET (without MailDrop), and CW modes do WORK.

PACTOR, Satellite, MailDrop, SIAM, 9600 baud packet, WeFAX and Gateway
features DO NOT function properly.

Timewave DOES NOT plan to fix the modes that do not work.

    Full MailDrop Facilities - (non-functional)
    Packet Power (1200 bps ONLY, NOT 9600)
    Packet Satellites (not supported)  9600 bps, 1200 bps PSK PACSATs,
    and 400 bps telemetry.

For the hardare hackers out there ( This is inside the DSP-232 )

Modem :   Analog Devices 2105 Digital Signal Processor running at 12.3 MHz
in conjunction with Analog Devices 28msp02 audio CODEC

Processor system:  Hitachi 68340 running at 16.7 MHz

RAM Battery-backed 32K standard, expandable to 256K
ROM 128K standard, expandable to 256K

Hardware HDLC:   Zilog Z8530 SCC

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