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RE: Rumored band auction

Again, the following is from the FCC web site:

LMS [Location and Monitoring Service] refers to advanced radio technologies
designed to support the nation's transportation infrastructure and
facilitate growth of Intelligent Transportation Systems. LMS systems are
designed to improve the efficiency and safety of the highways of the United
States. LMS systems are permitted to transmit voice or non-voice status and
instructional messages as long as such messages are related to location or
monitoring functions.

As far as I can tell, this does not involve any change to the allocations
for this frequency band.  Radiolocation is still primary and amateur is
still secondary.  It sounds like LMS is considered to be radiolocation and
therefore a primary usage.  It also sounds like LMS is going to be a very
low-power, short-range service.  My guess is that this will have no impact
on current amateur use of the frequencies.

BTW, this has nothing to do with PCS, that is allocated at 901-902.  It is
interesting to note, however, that this auction did not include 902-904
which is part of the same allocation.  The total band is from 902 to 928.

John Borden

> John and group,
> What does all this mean?  Did we lose our amateur allocation?  What is
> LMS?  Is it low power telemetry which must coexist with existing
> allocations?
> If somebody can give an analysis, I'd be appreciative.
> Did anybody see this coming?  Did the ARRL warn us of this auction?
> What impact will it have on amateur activity in this band?
> Thanks,  Mike

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