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RE: Rumored band auction

>From the FCC web site:

Today the Commission's Location and Monitoring Service (LMS) auction, which
began on February 23, 1999, closed after 54 rounds, raising a total net
revenue of $3,438,294.00. The auctioned spectrum is located in the 904.000 -
928.000 MHz Band.

"Today's results can only mean good things for American consumers. The
Commission has added new competitors to this exciting marketplace," said FCC
Chairman William E. Kennard. "These licensees have the opportunity to make
our highways safer as well as improve productivity in transportation."

A total of 528 multilateration LMS licenses were simultaneously auctioned.
One license for each of the three spectrum blocks in each designated
Economic Area (EA) was auctioned: Block A has a total bandwidth of 6.00 MHz;
Block B has a total bandwidth of 2.25 MHz; and, Block C has a bandwidth of
5.75 MHz. 289 licenses, representing 84.8 % of the population were sold in
the auction.

John Borden

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