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Appologies to all

Hi Guys,

Yes, yes to all the messages I have gotten this morning about the Happy99
Worm, not a virus.  I have cleared it from my system now and I appreciate
the info from those advising of the method.  For the best description of
how this thing works and how to get rid of it go to:


Just of interest I got this thing last night from someone else on here who
asked me for some help.  I wondered at the time what the extra attachment
was for.  Unfortunately my Norton Antivirus Virus list was a little over a
month old or I would have caught it.  I had updated the virus on my wife's
PC yesterday, but had not gotten to mine yet.

Again I appologize and will keep the Norton list updated from now on.  I
don't think it was attached to my ftp posting to the AMSAT site this
morning but to make all feel better I will delete the posting and repost
the files.

73, Roy

Internet: w0sl@amsat.org
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