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Re: Downlink Heard!

I'm hoping on hearing the same wonderful sounds in the next couple of weeks!
I'm in the process of designing / constructing / manipulating a 18 ele cross
polarized Yagi-Uda for 435 MHz.  I'll be using kinda slim steel elements ("piano
hinge wire" used to hold the leading edge of the CC130 Hercules aircraft.  Scrap
I decided to recycle.).  First off, I'll try a single yagi, then I'll slide in
the second on the 11' 2 x 2 pine I purchased for the boom.  Should be kinda
funny looking when its finished.  Lets just hope this wild & crazy idea pans

Right now, I have no pre-amp for 432 MHz, but I've done so much barefoot, I
think I might start Satellite Operations w/ 25w and no pre-amp.  Just the
antenna(s) to do the job for me for now.

Lets all cross our fingers, then I'll cross the polarization!

jbblack@mindspring.com wrote:

> First, if I didn't thank all of you for your opinions - thanks.  I'll tell
> you in a minute what I decided.
> Second, WOW!  I heard my own downlink last night on FO-20 during the 0257 -
> 0318Z pass.  Didn't talk to anyone though - small steps.  I can hear my
> constant carrier (intermittent whistle) lots better than I could hear
> myself.  If I caused any QRM, that was not my intention and I apologize.  I
> no longer have a key to send "dits."  I did hear someone else whistling
> however.
> I did find that it is quite hard to tune for doppler and change antenna
> orientation at the same time.  I am using Station, but I have a problem with
> the radio tuning to the frequency that I want.  I can hit the "tune" button,
> but if I'm to do that, I might as well tune the radio - I'm a little
> discouraged with that, but perhaps it will get better with experience.
> A couple of days ago, I ordered a 70cm preamp and the Kansas City Tracker.
> After last night, I think I made a pretty good choice; however, I'm
> wondering if I should have actually gotten the tuner option on the KCT.  If
> it works like Station though, I'd just as soon not have it.  I'm sure it'll
> be easier to tune the downlink with the rotor automated.  I'm now wondering
> if it wouldn't help me to buy a switchable 2m antenna (mine is just RHCP)
> since the signal was so.  I *will* wait and see what kind of improvements
> the preamp make though.
> Again, thanks to all of you who made suggestions.
> Joel...
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