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Downlink Heard!

First, if I didn't thank all of you for your opinions - thanks.  I'll tell
you in a minute what I decided.

Second, WOW!  I heard my own downlink last night on FO-20 during the 0257 -
0318Z pass.  Didn't talk to anyone though - small steps.  I can hear my
constant carrier (intermittent whistle) lots better than I could hear
myself.  If I caused any QRM, that was not my intention and I apologize.  I
no longer have a key to send "dits."  I did hear someone else whistling

I did find that it is quite hard to tune for doppler and change antenna
orientation at the same time.  I am using Station, but I have a problem with
the radio tuning to the frequency that I want.  I can hit the "tune" button,
but if I'm to do that, I might as well tune the radio - I'm a little
discouraged with that, but perhaps it will get better with experience.

A couple of days ago, I ordered a 70cm preamp and the Kansas City Tracker.
After last night, I think I made a pretty good choice; however, I'm
wondering if I should have actually gotten the tuner option on the KCT.  If
it works like Station though, I'd just as soon not have it.  I'm sure it'll
be easier to tune the downlink with the rotor automated.  I'm now wondering
if it wouldn't help me to buy a switchable 2m antenna (mine is just RHCP)
since the signal was so.  I *will* wait and see what kind of improvements
the preamp make though.

Again, thanks to all of you who made suggestions.


OM:  Joel B. Black, KS4AW     XYL:  Kristie H. Black, KF4CHN
Eutaw, AL     EM62bv               kahblack@mindspring.com
AMSAT 32589

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