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The European mirror sat database ASTRO

                           Hello Ham

Destined to the Satellite radio-Amateurs Service, Amateur Astronomers,
Radio Astronomers, professional Astronomers, from Mecanic and Acoustic
laboratory (LMA), a french public scientific research center, that
has open a keplerian mirror Internet FTP anonymous service.

          This new service open the Oct-27-1995, to offer:

Kelso database    (2Lines amateur, weather, synchro)
Molczan database  (4000, 2Lines satellites with smooth decays)
Thomson database  (Giant data 2Lines satellites)
NASA database     (2Lines MIR and exotic satellites)
AMSAT database    (2Lines SHUTTLEs)
SpaceNews         (KD2BD satellite amateur news, English/French language)
ANS               (Amsat News Service bulletin, English/French language)
Traject           (MIR and ISS altitude-route)
Jonathan's.S.R    (Space news activity)
Comet             (Flash orbital parameters in Solar system)
Ephemerid         (Solar planetary satellites, comet)
Saturn-ring       (up to date ring of Saturn [gif])

       Access via:       Internet FTP anonymous 
       Address:          alphalma.cnrs-mrs.fr  (
       Login:            anonymous
       Password:         your e-mail address or call, please.
       Directory name:   ASTRO
                                 or at the URL:


The alternate European ftp anonymous access to another independant database is:

                      ftp.physics.ox.ac.uk /pub/sat


                   Sysops: fb1rci@lma.cnrs-mrs.fr    (Jean-Claude)
                           piraux@lma.cnrs-mrs.fr       (Joel)


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