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TNC Question

Slightly, but not completely off topic:  I just acquired the loan of an
MFJ 11274 TNC.  It's an old one, the ROM date (according to sign on
message) is 1990.

My question:  How do you set the terminal baud rate?
I downloaded the MFJ manual from their web site, but the dip switch
settings in there DO NOT WORK.  By a lot of experimentation, I
discovered that setting switches 4 and 5 to ON results in 1200 baud on
the terminal.  Despite the fact that the manual sez only 1 switch on at
a time.  I have not been able to make any other baud rate work..

I'd guess that at some point they changed the algorithm for setting
terminal baud rate....SOOOOO... does anyone else have an ancient
1270/1274 that could help me figure this out??


73,, Jim

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