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Phase-3D update Sun.3/7

Once again thank you all for your many replies in continued support of
AMSAT's Phase-3D satellite through the proposed contribution and
construction of my 1/20th scale model now being kitted.   Some of you
have also offered great suggestions and your tallents in areas such as
marketing, editing and website presentation as well as your personal
connections with major agencies that support science education.   Your
offered telent and connections directed strictly to the support and
eventual commisioning of this new satellite on orbit  may soon be called
upon and is greatly appreciated.
Until further notice, all reproduction and distribution of this and
other kits that I offer in support of AMSAT programs is
strictly prohibited unless by permission of  PK-SatKits (sm) .

Support by these Amateurs
is greatly appreciated:                       Acknowledgements

DJ1KM                                          Interested in P-3D kit.
KF4FDJ                                         With great promotional
G3ZRU                                           Hon. Secretary AMSAT-UK
KD4VA                                          Looking for a P-3D kit
and  AO-27 when available.
WA2WIM                                      JPL educational contacts...
( Good Deal!! )
I4XQG                                           Guido and several
friends interested in P-3D kits.
WA1ECF                                       AO-27 kit  (not yet
AA4KN                                         Central FL. AMSAT Area
Coordinator  ( PK-SatKits P-3D not avail. on internet. )
Joal                                                 Looking for P-3D
kit  ( soon avail. and by postal delivery only for now.)
K4UJA                                           Two P-3D kits and
additional donation.
W2ZBY                                          Is looking forward to a
K3BY                                            Wants a kit when
W4FPJ                                           Thanks Bob,  I'm now
coordinating with AMSAT on distribution of  the P-3D kit.
N5PF                                              Thank you Phil.  I'll
soon announce availability of the P-3D kit.
KO6BT                                           Thanks Duane,  Payment
instructions will be posted soon on the AMSAT-BB.
KA1LM                                          Any good pictures of
AO-27 you have would help me in the completion of this kit.
Stephan Greene                               Release of the P-3D kit
will be announced soon.
NB2F                                              Martha will have my
first complete P-3D model on display at the AMSAT 30th.
AH6HH                                           This kit is made of
glossy card stock, I suppose you could glue the flat surfaces
                                                        to balsa, cut
and bevel these parts and assemble for a solid structure.

Happy 30th to AMSAT
and its membership.

73 de Steve

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