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SSTV on RS-13 / 05:00 UTC

  Greetings all                              

 I will be operating SSTV on RS-13 tonight, 3/7/99 at 04:58 UTC and 06:40 UTC. 
To save time, the mode will be ROBOT 36. The downlink will be 29.490 USB. 
I thought it best if the downlink was near the top of the band to avoid QRM.
The experiments with SSTV via FO-20 were a success, although a few ops had
some difficulty following the doppler.  The 10 meter downlink from RS-13 should
be proportionally better than the 70cm downlink of FO-20 in terms of doppler effect.
This should allow for easier image copy.  
 For those who are not familiar with SSTV, there is a sound card program
available called W95SSTV.. it utilizes your computers sound card to send and
receive images. www.siliconpixels.com/W95SSTV/w95dload.htm .  To receive
images, the audio from your radios headphone or speaker jack connects to the 
computers soundcard via the "line in" or "microphone" connection.  The help file 
has all the info.  
Hope to CU there
73, Tony / AB2CJ