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Re: Potato masher mounting question

Great!  You have a FB plan for mounting the TPMs.  Perhaps others on the BB
might want to consider this kind of simple (& cheap) approach.  I have seen
the schedule 40 PVC in 20' lengths at the big hardware stores, which allows
you to avoid a coupling in the mast.  I might suggest 1-1/2" is plenty stout
(assuming you are only sticking up a few feet above the rooftop) and it will
still fit standard brackets and U-bolts.  I don't think the 2" PVC will be an
easy match to available mast brackets or hardware.  It is also easier to find
the 1-1/2 -> 1" adapters for the TPMs.  RS has some usable 4" deep brackets
that will mount on your facia board to support the PVC mast.   

Since the mast is PVC, I might suggest you ground the coax where it enters the
shack AND ground your V/UHF rig(s).

The short coax run is pretty significant if you don't have or plan to use a
preamp.  As long as you can get a clear shot at the horizon, getting higher
just adds losses. 

I look forward to seeing you on the birds, 73,

N4SL writes:
> Hey, I built your potato masher antenna with very good results - I
>  just loaded them both up on the deck this afternoon and I'm getting
>  the prescribed 1.2:1 VSWR. Oh boy. Now, I'm not very experienced with
>  VHF/UHF antennas and I was wondering how you mount yours in the air.
>  Seems like my two choices are to mount them to the roof which I can't
>  do or....
>  My idea is to make a cheap-o PVC pole (2" diameter - schedule 40) that
>  clamps to the side of the house, runs to the ground, and puts the
>  antennas just at roof level. This will put them just outside my shack
>  second-story window with a marvelously short coax run.
>  Any ideas you have will help, I'm sure.
>  I'm very shortly going to be on the birds with gusto thanks to your
>  article.
>  73,
>  Steve, N4SL@yahoo.com
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