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Re: Time

At 08:16 AM 3/5/99 , Don DeJarnette - Simplecom wrote:
>-- [ From: Don DeJarnette - Simplecom * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
>Does anyone produce a WWVB controlled clock that displays UTC ??
>Don DeJarnette

Yes, The ZEIT (ARCRON) PC can display UTC.  I have one and it also sets my PC's
clock on boot, it could also set the PC every x minutes if I wanted it to.

I keep it & my PC on EST.  I tried it on UTC but it seems it wants to
synchronize with WWVB at midnight of the displayed time.  This is 7 PM EST for
me and my PC is usually on. It couldn't receive a good enough signal either
because of propagation and/or my PC generates too much interference.  Setting
it to EST, it checks WWVB at local midnight, by then my PC is usually off, and
it almost always synchronizes itself OK.  By the way, if it fails on the frirst
try it tries 3 more times (over a 3 hour period).  Now that WWVB has upped its
EIRP maybe I should try UTC again.

See their web site "http://www.atomictime.com";.  Note that the price advertised
in the ham mags is less then that shown on the web.


Bob Martinson
Waltham, MA

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