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Card stock Phase-3D model...COULD raise awareness


Sir, I wish I had the time to post a message to you after your original
post, but time demands "ate" my opportunity.

I know you must be very proud of your P3D model, and have put a great
deal of time and effort into designing and polishing the final form.  I
also understand this is your intellectual property, and you can do with
your model as you see fit.  I for one would like to see this model built
and displayed in every ham shack, AND every school in America.

You have an excellent opportunity here to raise awareness of the Amateur
Satellite program, and reach a diverse audience with a message and
tangible offering which could do nothing but entice more sat ops to step
in from the periphery, and in fact reach others not even aware there is
a such thing as amateur satellites.

If you offer your model to this BB, you are reaching an already educated
and enlightened group.  To offer to forward proceeds to the P3D project,
you have demonstrated your generosity and dedication to amateur
satellites and your hobby.  Unfortunately, you are appealing to the same
old tired crowd with yet another appeal for P3D funds.

I submit your design could BETTER serve the program by raising awareness
and enlisting young (and old) minds in a creative endeavor which would
benefit the cause in a manner greater than the limited scope of a simple
BB offering.  

If you put the model in a format similar to that which NASA uses (PDF),
with an educational preamble, with explicit instructions, and allowed
NASA Spacelink to add it to their model collection, "news" of P3D (and
the model) would be broadcast to educators around the world. Spacelink
would see a spike in "hits" as educators (and students) access the site
to see just what P3D is all about. 

You would make a contribution to the amateur space program FAR in excess
of the "several" BB participants willing to spend $17.00 for a copy.

And to show my sincerity in this matter, if you read this and think it
might be a good idea, I am offering to help with the preamble, the
packaging, editing, or whatever it takes to present your masterpiece to
the world!

73, and good day!  Mike

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