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I know that everyone is different, but they also have opinions.  I would
like to hear, from those of you willing, your opinion on an impending
purchase.  I would especially like to hear from those that have worked both
AO-10 and FO-20, -29.  Here's the question:

    I currently have the cash to upgrade my satellite station.  I just got
started and have just recently gotten everything put together.  I have heard
the downlink on FO-20 once, the FO-29 beacon about four times, and Mir
sending SSTV once.  My setup is an '821H using Station with a Cushcraft
738XB 70cm antenna and a Cushcraft A144-20T 2m antenna.  The 70cm is
switchable LHCP/RHCP.  The 2m antenna is just RHCP.  All coax is 9913F.

Now, since I am just starting, do I purchase a 70cm preamp for the FO birds
or do I purchase the 70cm amp 2m preamp combo needed for AO-10?

I know, I know.  Only I can make the final decision, but I would like to
hear from some who have *lots* more experience than me!

Thanks in advance...


OM:  Joel B. Black, KS4AW     XYL:  Kristie H. Black, KF4CHN
jbblack@mindspring.com          kahblack@mindspring.com

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