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Re: (bad experiences with) WWVB clock time

Hi Franklin.  The time clocks use WWVB which is only 60 KHz.  This
frequency blankets the entire United States with a ground wave.  WWVB's
transmitter was just upgraded and the power was raised about a year ago.
There are wrist watches out that receive WWVB!!  The power is supposed to
be sufficient to make the wrist watches update to a usable signal at least
a few times a day. This frequency should not be effected by atmospherics
or the sunspot cycle like the HF (Megahertz) frequencies of WWV.

I teach earth science and astronomy and love sundials, the equation of
time, etc.  I have been thinking about building an electronic digital
sundial using phototransistors and a BASIC STAMP. Servo motors would turn
the gnomon to determine the azimuth of the sun.  I'll add it to one of the
many projects on my "When Retired" list.


On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Franklin Antonio wrote:

> My sundial is more useful.
> WWV clocks have never worked well.  I had one 15 years ago that was also 
> flaky.  Most people have trouble with fading or weak signals on the WWV 
> frequencies while using a little antenna.  Seems like now that we have so 
> many other good ways to get time (internet, GPS, etc), maybe its time to 
> just forget about WWV.

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