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Could a paper tiger help support P-3D?

In the last couple of years I've had the good fortune of
getting to work as a volunteer with the Phase 3D integration 
lab team.  So, I feel fortunate in that I've  been there to 
assist in the construction and installations of its guts.
Though I've learned alot about our new bird there are many
more that almost know its very soul. Since I live in North
Carolina, this occasional and certainly rare privilage from 
anyones standpoint has inspired me to artistically enhance
a line art drawing of Phase 3D by KE3HP that I found in
the 1993 AMSAT Symposium proceedings.  In the past few days 
some of you have noticed or expressed an interest in model
building.  I have produced from this line art an inhanced
full color glossy cardstock model of Phase-3D. If your hand 
is steady enough to PROPERLY solder an N type connector you 
can probably hack building and proudly displaying this
11-1/2 inch wingspan model.  Here is the catch.  Martha
does'nt even know this yet, but I hope with this we might
raise a few hundred dollars for the bird if I offer my model 
at cost plus contribution to Phase 3D.  I figure $17 would
cover the cost of this 1440dpi Epson inkjet print on glossy 
cardstock as well as postage,8-1/2 by 11 envelope..ect.
SASE's welcomed.  13 or 14 bucks would go to the new bird.
I also thought it would be doable to list the calls of
participants in this effort within the bimonthly issues of
the AMSAT Journal with each copy of the model purchased.
Anyway,  I've had this model of Phase 3D hanging in my shack 
for a few months now and delight in seeing some of its parts 
that I helped build portrayed in a full color easy to build 
quality card stock model.  If you think this is a good idea 
and enjoy model building and would be interested in
displaying a model of Phase 3D in your shack let me know.
If there is enough interest, I'll print up some more kits
and start accepting and forwarding your contributions
to Martha at AMSAT.  The way I see it, this is just another 
necessary "SCAM" to help with the cost of Phase 3D.
Hopefully this year you'll be displaying a model of a bird
we are all enjoying on orbit.

73 de Steve

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