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LL Grace DSP-12 and firmware

Hello All,

Does anyone know how code for the DSP-12 goes from being a file that loads
in RAM (.v40) to being firmware?

My DSP-12 started acting strangely a few months ago and I was going to send
it to the great ham emporium in the sky. I tried another tnc (a Kantronics
KPC-9612) with my Icom 820H and I was SO disappointed in the 9600 baud
performance on various satellites that I had to get my DSP-12 running again.

I ran some tests on my DSP-12 and found that any time it sat in any mode
other that GCE, the CPU light would got out after about a minute and the TNC
would lock up. I noted the case in the rear on the right hand side would get
quite warm to the touch. At the suggestion of another ham, I downloaded and
installed GCE2.10beta02 by VK2JJM. The symptoms have gone away, and the
DSP-12 is running like it's old self again(cool to the touch also).

I'm going to assume at this point that I have a bad PROM and because
everything is running in RAM, the firmware is being bypassed. I also
received (gratis) from LL Grace, a programmers tool kit. Is there a way to
turn the v40 file into a burnable prom image with the software tools in the

If there is anyone out there who is familiar with DSP programming in general
or the DSP-12 in particular, and wouldn't mind answering some very basic
questions from a newbie (my programming skills are all in BASIC at the
moment), please let me know by private email.

TNX es 73 de John AA2BN

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