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AO-27 TEPR State

On Monday March 1, 1999 I reset the TEPR states on AO-27 as follows:
	TEPR 4 is 24
	TEPR 5 is 60

In my non-technical terms this means that the transmitter will turn on 12
minutes after it enters the sun and shut off 18 minutes later.

Within the next several days we will be taking a couple of days worth
telementry data, therefore, AO-27 will not be available for analog
communications, during the data gathering.

AO-27 has exceeded it design life cycle and we are going to give it a
"physical" to see how healthy it is....We believe it to be in very good
health, but a check-up won't hurt.

Hope everyone is enjoying this Bird....

Chuck, KM4NZ
Acting Control Operator

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