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Fwd: Connie Young -connie.young@ucr.edu-: virus warning hoax

>--------- Begin forwarded message ----------
>From: Connie Young <connie.young@ucr.edu>
>To: ANTHONY BLACKWOOD <ke6rut@juno.com>
>Subject: virus warning hoax
>Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999 17:05:34 -0800
>Message-ID: <199903020108.UAAAA02669@mx4.boston.juno.com>
>	This is a hoax.  Go to
>on the web and the Norton Anti-Virus Site and you can read about it.
>If you receive an email titled "It Takes Guts to Say 'Jesus'" DO NOT
>open it. It will erase  everything on your hard drive. Forward this
>out to as many people as  you can. This is a new, very malicious virus
>not many people know about it. This information was announced yesterday
>morning from IBM; please share it with everyone that
>might access the internet. Once again, pass this along to  EVERYONE
>in your address book so that this may be stopped.
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