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SSTV on FO-20

I'll be experimenting with SSTV on FO-20 tonight on 435.880. I'll be QRV at 00:00, 01:53 and 03:47 UTC.
The mode will be Robot 36 to save time. I'll transmit a 10 second 1200hz start tone to allow for receiver
ajustment, then transmit the image.  I'll break for a while to listen for any pictures before transmitting the
next image.  I'd like to copy one this time fellas, so feel free send a picture and I'll stand by and watch the
For those using W95SSTV, it has a tendency to "jump" from Robot 36 to 72.  This can be corrected by
clicking the mode back to Robot 36.  If the picture is out of sync, use the "Force sync" button by repeatedly
clicking on it. This will force the image to align itself.  
Hope to "see" you there.
                     73, Tony