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Re: e-mail Doc Type HTML vs. Plain Text

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999 12:05:23 EST, Arrow146@aol.com wrote:

> Why are some of the post   (e-mail)   in HTML format ?

Because some people don't realize how painful it is to view it with certain
clients, such as PINE or ELM.

> Why don't everyone just use plain text ?

Because they refuse to set their mail clients for ASCII only.

> Is there a reason for the HTML format ?

To use more bandwidth?

> Does it not make the e-mail twice as long
> as it needs to be.  (two copies of the same text)

> The text shows up on my screen with a dark colored background,
> impossible to read without highlighting the text.

Try looking at it with a client that doesn't understand HTML at all, it's a
real pain!
> Are any of the PC users having this problem ?
> Or is this just a problem for us Mac users ?

Nope the PC users have the problem also. Also, many people send binary
attachments with every email which is a real drag. Many listservs will
reject posts with HTML or binary attachments, but the Amsat-BB does not seem
to be set up to do so.

Good luck & have fun..... I just put on my asbestos suit to help keep the
flames I'm going to get from burning me too badly <grin>.

73 Jeff

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