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Re: e-mail Doc Type HTML vs. Plain Text

Just my opinions:

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999 12:05:23 EST, Arrow146@aol.com wrote:

>Why are some of the post   (e-mail)   in HTML format ?
>Why don't everyone just use plain text ?

Mostly because their mailer installs with HTML defaulted to "on" and
they don't know any better.  It's a problem of education.

>Is there a reason for the HTML format ?

None that I can see.  IMHO, the extra stuff tends to distract one from
the CONTENT.  

>Does it not make the e-mail twice as long
>as it needs to be.  (two copies of the same text)

More than twice as long, because of the HTML tags.  Some people
consider it rude to post HTML messages in an international forum, where
there are many users who pay "by the byte" for access.

>The text shows up on my screen with a dark colored background,
>impossible to read without highlighting the text.
>Are any of the PC users having this problem ?
>Or is this just a problem for us Mac users ?

Different mailers react differently.  Mine shows up the HTML as an
attatchment, which I just ignore.  Occasionally, I will get an
HTML-only message.  If (reading between the tags) it looks interesting,
I have to save it out and load it into a browser or an HTML stripper. 
I usually don't bother.



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Lincoln, NE, USA

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