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re: e-mail Doc Type HTML vs. Plain Text

    Why don't everyone just use plain text ?

    Is there a reason for the HTML format ?

    Does it not make the e-mail twice as long
    as it needs to be.  (two copies of the same text)


    Are any of the PC users having this problem ?
    Or is this just a problem for us Mac users ?

And it's a problem for LINUX users not using WWW browsers.  It's probably
a problem for anyone not using such a browser or software intended to be
compatible with that.  I just switched back, as Netscape 4.5 was too buggy
and it definitely seems more prevalent than i remember.  Even before that,
it was a major irritation, as the resultant print size was hard to read.

Is there any reason that the AMSAT-BB remailer shouldn't reject messages
such as are described above?  Or include a filter that removes HTML, or
does something equivalent.  Exhortation appears not to be working at all, 
as the problem is appears to be getting progressively worse.

			     -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer...)
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