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RE: More Station Program Problems - AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

With Icom radios you need to press the "transmit" button on the sarex screen when you press the PTT, and "receive" when you want to listen. Also make sure that you have setup all the frequency pairs in the definition, and selected them from the active console. Other than that what is particular "doesn't work"?
Paul, VP9MU
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Ok, I copied the SSTV signal from Mir during the 1723-1733Z pass this AM - this is not a problem.  I haven't yet download from ChromaPix the SSTV program they have, I was just trying to see if my setup would work to copy as is.  I found that it does.  Here's my problem:
    I cannot seem to be able to use Station as the author intended.  I go through the setup on pp.. 33-34 verbatim and I cannot get the radio to tune using the SAREX/MIR console; however, if I put the same information in the Full Duplex console, I have no problems.  The only problem with using the Full Duplex Console is the inability to program PL tones as in the SAREX/MIR setup.
I am using an IC-821H with the CT-17 control device.  The CT-17 is not an iCOM product but it works with everything else as does the '821H so I don't think they are the problem.  I am assuming that I am not setting something up correctly in Station.
Please Help...