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In message <c91310b8.36d951ad@aol.com>, Builderick@aol.com writes
>Mir sstv on over dm79 at 14:12 utc   orbit # 74431.28.
>Signal good, audio good, picture a bit out of focus,
>ON top I think it is the Soyuz.  The reflextion on the right ? is it a coiled
>up wire? or paper?.

Exactly the same picture here over the UK (JO03) approx 09.40 UTC
I wondered what the dark horizontal feature might be. Unfortunately the
Sun was in the wrong place, so much glare. I should have got up earlier.

Looking at the multiple reflections I wonder how many layers make up the
windows / portholes? 4 or 5 by the look of it.

John  M1BTR  Lincolnshire, England

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