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7th Jewelry Contest


Welcome to the seventh annual AMSAT jewelry contest, and WELCOME to San Diego!

San Diego is well know for the military from all of the services both retired 
and active duty.  A lot of us have been through several wars, but most of us 
are convinced that the pen is mightier than the sword!  Hence, the "PEN-
Think of this as desk "jewelry".  Leanore would not let me hang trinkets 
anywhere else on her!  Maybe next year we can get back on track...

No, the pen-tenna does not have five elements. It is a very ordinary "inverted
'inverted vee'" constructed from two stainless and gold plated Parker pens.
The pens are removeable and usable.  At least ten satellite contacts were
completed using the antenna suspended about a foot from the ceiling in our
wood frame one-story home(to keep it away from most metal masses).  
A kit pre-amp from HAMTRONICS was used at the antenna. The VSWR at the 
resonant frequency is 1.1 or less as indicated by a frequency plot, and 
typical of this configuration it is very broadband.  It has been tested 
at 150 watts RF output.

The elements are 6 15/32" long and nominally 9/32" in diameter.  They subtend 
an angle of 108 degrees. A modified BNC "tee" provides a connection for the 
elements.  Copper and brass tubing forms the pen-holder attachment.  A BNC 
coupler is incorporated for the feedline attachment.  A male BNC to female 
"N" adapter is provided.  You don't use PL259's at this frequency do you?

The modified BNC is encapsulated in a cast resin base that is about 5" x 6".
Various IC's are "floating" in the base along with an AMSAT logo...

A telescoping set of elements that will tune from about 600 MHz to 130 MHz
is also furnished should you choose to operate it at those frequencies.
That exercise is left to the user.

We know that Tom Clark will not be bowled over after his "bowld" approach to 
another set of frequencies, but we are not the least bit PENsive about our 
accomplishments, either!

The contest.  Your job, should you choose to take the assignment, is to 
determine the resonant frequency of the antenna.  Please present your answer 
in MHz.  The frequency band is obvious, but the exact frequency will determine
the winner.  It has been determined to two decimal places, but to preclude a 
tie the winning answer has been estimated to six decimal places.

Leanore will announce the winner at the banquet on Saturday evening.  You need
not attend the banquet or the convention to enter the contest.

Anyone can enter, you do not have to be a licensed amateur, but please only 
one entry per person.  Modify it at any time, but let us know so we can remove
the old entry.  Duplicate entries will be discarded.  Telephone, snail mail, 
e-mail, any frequency you find us on will be ok.  If not attending the 
convention, however, the deadline is the 1st day of October.  For those 
attending the convention the deadline is at 1500 on Saturday 9 October.

Questions and answers to:   Dave wb6llo@amsat.org   Leanore LBGuimont@aol.com
                            5030 July St.          (619)275-1495 (anytime)
                            San Diego, CA 92110-1112

This missive and pictures of the antenna can be found at:  
				contest.txt	this file
				jewel2g.bmp	164k
				jewel2g.gif	40k
				jewel2g.jpg	17k
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