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More Station Program Problems - AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

Ok, I copied the SSTV signal from Mir during the 1723-1733Z pass this AM - this is not a problem.  I haven't yet download from ChromaPix the SSTV program they have, I was just trying to see if my setup would work to copy as is.  I found that it does.  Here's my problem:
    I cannot seem to be able to use Station as the author intended.  I go through the setup on pp.. 33-34 verbatim and I cannot get the radio to tune using the SAREX/MIR console; however, if I put the same information in the Full Duplex console, I have no problems.  The only problem with using the Full Duplex Console is the inability to program PL tones as in the SAREX/MIR setup.
I am using an IC-821H with the CT-17 control device.  The CT-17 is not an iCOM product but it works with everything else as does the '821H so I don't think they are the problem.  I am assuming that I am not setting something up correctly in Station.
Please Help...


Joel B. Black