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Re: G-5600b rotor 8pin din plug

Thanks to all that sent me info on the din plug.
I now have my rotor and St-1 working together. I found what the problem
was, but I can't say how I fixed it. The only thing that I can come up with
was that the 2 socketed chips needed to be re seated. Once I did this it
came back to life. 
Here is the pin out for the din plug if anyone else needs it. 

Thanks again everyone!!!

At 09:48 1999-02-26 , Roy Welch wrote:
>The pins are the same as the G5400B:
>6 - Horizontal rotation angular detection terminal
>1 - Vertical rotation angular detection terminal
>4 - Left direction control *
>2 - Right direction control *
>5 - Down direction control *
>3 - Up direction control *
>7 - Output voltage (not generally used)
>8 - Ground
>* Connect to pin 8 to initiate action

73, Bill N4XEO

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