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Split Boom for Arrow Antenna Update

I have had some problems with 5/8" aluminum tubing
for the boom splice for the 146/437-10 Satellite Antenna.
As we know aluminum to aluminum connections can sometimes
have problems with galling, or the two pieces seizing together.

There is a VERY Simple solution to this problem.
So Simple I missed it.

1/2" copper pipe has a 5/8" OD         (Standard 1/2" water pipe.)

3 inches of it weighs less than 1 oz.   (21 grams)

The copper pipe fits real nice inside the boom.
Allows the boom to be put together and taken 
apart with out sticking.

Unfortunately several unites have been
shipped with the aluminum tube.

If anyone has problems with these,  
Send the boom back and I will renew 
the boom with the new copper pipe,  no charge.

73 Al Lowe N0IMW 

Arrow Antenna 
1803 S. Greeley Hiway #B 
Cheyenne, WY 82007 
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