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Re: A0-27 Help Please

    I am trying to access A0-27 on 436.800 Down 145.800 up as per the
    article written by W2RS in QST mag. I have allowed 21 minutes after it
    crosses the night / day line and then it is on for a further 17 minutes.
    So far I have not succeeded. Have I got the right uplink downlink freq's
    and is it switched on when in the southern hemisphere ??
    Can some one advise me if I am on the right track for A0-27...

OK, the uplink is 145.850 (no doppler compensation, PLEASE).  Your
general time concepts are also seem good.  But your problem is that
AO-27 has a very limited power budget, sharing with a commercial
satellite (SEESAT-1), and as a consequence, is only active during
daylight passes over the middle of the Northern Hemisphere (and
irrespective of longitude).  But last i heard, a similar satellite
without those restrictions, ASUSAT-1, is manifested for launch this
September (along with a low-power 'picosat' from Stanford which will 
be harder to hear than AO-27).  So be patient or try one of the JA
birds (such as FO-29) if you have suitable equipment.

			73's and good luck,

			    -- KD6PAG
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