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Re: re: Sunsat success!!!

I got my information off the amateur radio section of their WWW site:

    Ground control at Stellenbosch is currently busy with the commissioning
    of the satellite.  The frequencies used at the moment is the uplink of
    145.825 MHz in the 2m band and the downlink of 436.250 MHz in the 70cm
    band (+-doppler shift).  All amateurs are kindly requested to avoid
    using these frequencies during the commisioning phase of the satellite.
    The downlink will only be active when the satellite is within range of
    the ZS1SUN groundstation.  Amateurs are invited to monitor or record
    these telemetry downlinks.


So hearing it over the 'States meant that K7RR and crew had been successful
as control operators in communicating with SUNSAT.  And next time, i'll
listen on the VHF side as well.  I would not be surprised if you could hear
it with an HT given a decent antenna (such as a long rubber duck).  Do note
that the doppler will be at least +/- 10 KHz.

				-- KD6PAG
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