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Re: Arrow Ant.

    Can I work fo-20/29 and ao-10 (@ perigee) with an Arrow Ant?

I just tried FO-29 with a similar antenna but my rig only receives FM (and
some AM), so nothing was very intelligible.  But i could clearly make out
the beacon and a couple of CW stations (it sounds pulsating static on FM),
and some garble that i presume was SSB.  I have about 6dBi of uplink gain,
and if that's enough, i would say yes for FO-29.  (How much is enough will
depend on your uplink power, but you probably don't want to exceed 5-10W
on a hand-held antenna.  That experiment certainly sparked my interest in
getting beyond FM-only operation, as that might bring at least bring the
antenna system into my price range and i don't have to use my antenna hand-
held on a circularly polarized satellite.  More later in this - i want to
run some more test.
			    -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, "RF newbie")

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