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Re: Texas Potato Masher

VE3FUL writes:

> 1) is there a recommended horizontal separaton distance between the 2m and 
> 70cm antennae on the the cross boom?  It would appear from the photograph to
> be in the order of 1/4 wavelength at 2m.

I didn't do a study or modeling on the separation, but more is always better.
Mine are about 1 meter apart at the feedpoints.  I get very little interaction
(I measured the swr of the 70 cm antenna both with and without the 2m antenna
installed and could see no perceptable difference).  3rd harmonic overload is
non-existant with my 70 cm preamp on.

>  2) can you recommend any sources for 92 Ohm coax (RG-62) who will sell in 
> small quantities?  

I got mine from CableExperts, but I think I bought the last 20' they had last
summer.  TechAmerica lists it in their catalog (www.techamerica.com, cat item
910-1597 @ USD 0.18/ft.).  It seems to be plentiful in surplus outlets as it
was commonly used for commercial building video systems in the 80's.  I know
there are some people on the BB here who have hundreds of feet of the stuff.
Maybe one of them will contact you and send you a few feet.

73 es gd lk,
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