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Re: The QHA antenna.

John.Melton@UK.Sun.COM writes:

> Out of interest,  the 137MHz version that I have built,  was using 8mm
>  tubing and right-angle connectors.  The tubing is soft enough that it is 
> really easy to form the curve, roughly correct on a pipe that has a diameter
> is close to the helix diameter (200mm or 188mm),  with some adjustment when
> is finally assembled.
>  This was much easier than building than the coax versions I have looked at.

Thanks much for the feedback.  I have used both 1/4" and 3/8" (OD, not sure
how that scales to UK standard hardware, but 8mm is about the ID of 3/8") soft
Cu tubing for 2m and 70 cm yagi's and find it very easy to work with.  It's
also great stuff for small capcitance hats for HF verticals.  We all look
forward to hearing more when the design is "ready for prime time."  I would
love to be able to work the LEO's with an omni antenna and free up my rotor
for my AO-10 antenna.
73, Jerry

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