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Re: 1296 Transverter design advice

Dave Metz WA0AUQ asked about 1296 MHz transverters...

There are a couple of interesting articles on the subject
in the Proceedings of Microwave Update '98. One (by W2CQH)
builds on some of his past work on evascent-mode
waveguide filters. The other (by KK7B) discusses (among
other things) some recent commercial developments.

My Things To Do Someday queue now includes a couple of
TQ5M31 active mixers, and a couple of MAX2101 complex

The latter were designed to convert digital satellite
TV signals (950-2150 MHz IF) to baseband. They include
two mixers, assorted amplifiers, and on-chip quadrature
LO generation. The applications I have in mind for them
are a quick and dirty 1296 MHz direct-conversion receiver
(the baseband output can go right down to DC if you
insist), and an HRPT receiver with an image-reject front
end (possibly using a TV IF SAW filter like S53MV's

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I guess I've been lucky: all I've ever had to do with
the DEM oscillators is tweak the coils a little bit...

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