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The QHA antenna.

What I need now is another project..yea right!  Like a
case of the Mung.  Actually I do enjoy homebrew projects but 
like a good book I find that I can really get caught up in
them.  Anyway, just about the time  K5OE Jerry's TPM antenna 
project showed up in the Journal I was closing out the
construction of an antenna someone had mentioned having
see on the web but I think they'd not yet built.  So having 
found the plans at the web address that was mentioned I
decided to build one for 2 meter Sat. operation.  It just so 
happens, although its a favorite receive antenna among WX
sat imaging enthusiasts, the web site included dimensions
for a 2 meter version that I'd hoped to build.  So no
scaling was involved, it had already been done.  After
having E-mailed a couple of questions like, which way is it 
polarized and does it work well on 2m for transmit?  The
answers were, Right Hand and I don't know, try it.  So I did 
and figured with the performance I found, some of you might 
be interested in a very simple antenna project that to me
ranks very hi in the performance vs time/effort/cost
ratio.  Oddly enough it turns out that the antenna also
works fairly well for local 2 meter FM operation and even
works the local 70cm repeaters, all with a safe VSWR range. 
But back to Sat. operation, this is what tickled me.  On
several occasions I've copied Mir's SSTV images with
absolute clarity till the bird hit the ground even
cleanly cutting some images right in half when LOS occured
in the middle of a picture transmission.  I'm located in
wooded North Carolina in a regular neigborhood full of the
familiar RF interferences that we all enjoy, but have had no 
problems of this type related to the antenna's performance. 
Anyway you might enjoy having one.  No overhead dead spots, 
no rotors.  Lord only knows what it would act like with a
preamp at the antenna...Wow!   Anyway check it out at:


73 de Steve

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