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Re: 1296 Transverter design advice

>So far I have learned that the DEM 
>transverter leaves something to be desired.  L.O. problems mostly.

For what it is worth, I purchased a DEM 432 MHz kit and the L.O
did not work correctly. The problem is that the oscillator 
design does not compensate for the xtal holder capacitance. 
This makes the oscillator unreliable when tuned to the proper 
frequency. However, it was exceedingly easy to fix, just a 
coil of the proper inductance across the xtal to tune out the 
capacitance. I haven't built the 1296 MHz kit but it wouldn't 
suprise me if it had the same problem. The DEM kits are not 
for a beginner but if you know what you are doing, they are 
fairly cheap and can save you a lot of time looking for parts.


Tony AA2TX@amsat.org
North Andover, MA

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