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Re: Texas Potato Masher Antenna

avcomm@ix.netcom.com (KF6BXM) writes:

> First off, I wanted to say I really enjoyed your article on the Texas Potato
> Masher Antenna. I like to read construction articles about things I can
>  (Especially if they don't cost an arm and a leg!) Anyway, I have a question
> for you... OK a couple. I am unclear as to the mechanical connections of the
> reflectors, because in the article you say to "move the reflector up and
> below the square driven element until minimum SWR is achieved." Move them
>  where and how are they physically connected?  Also,  the picture on the 

I meant you should adjust the position of the reflectors in relation to the
driven elements.  For example, try just taping them to the PVC boom in
different locations and checking SWR, or you could drill holes thru the PVC
boom (making it a little longer than required, mount the reflectors thru the
PVC boom, then move the boom up and down below the driven elements (slightly
off to the side) while applying a low level signal to antenna and observing
the SWR.  The 2m model won't show much difference for an inch or two, but the
70 cm model is more sensitive.  I used a drop of super-glue to hold the
reflectors tightly in the pvc mast.

> front page of the Amsat Journal seems to indicate the 2 meter loop is
> connected to the PVC at the top. Is this just for support?

Yes, it is just for support.  On the 2m model I slotted the top of the pvc
mast with a hack saw and pushed the element wires into the slots to hold them
firmly.  The wires are insulated from each other.

>  I've never thought of building my own antenna for satellite before, but
> article inspired me to think to myself "Hey, I can do that!" (and more 
> importantly... I can afford that!)
>  So once I can figure out how the reflectors are supposed to attach to the 
> antenna system, I'll be ready to give it a try.

Great!  I look forward to hearing you on birds.  
73, Jerry
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