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Hi, I'm a UNIX geek who's been asked to help find some information/help
for the groundstation where I'm consulting. I'm no ham, but I learn
quickly. We have a windows machine running WiSP with, what I think, is a
KC tracker connected to a YEASU G-5400B Elevation/Azimuth rotator. The
system can control elevation fine, however we have problems with azimuth
and have been manualy aiming, however we need to get this working, as we
are missing to many passes. 

When I boot the windows system the software seems to be able to take
control of the antena and rotates it to 345 degrees. Before a pass
(about an hour) it will rotate it 180 degrees clockwise, then it rotates
it back to 345, then back again, but it never picks up the satellite and
tracks it, so I have to turn off automatic tracking and rotate it by hand. 

I have not found much documentation or online help, and from looking
through all them menus I've set everything as seems it should be (rotating
and tracking on). 

I would appricate any help or references to help you can offer.

Michael Conlen

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