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Austrian Communications Emergency

FYI, the following emergency message was downloaded from the KITSAT-OSCAR-25
satellite this morning:

To  : ALL
From: HB9JOI
Time: 012536UTC
Date: 25 Feb 1999
Hello.... ALL,


PLEASE NOTE WORLD WIDE and give the information to ham-radio-amateurs

wich can not read PACSAT-messages :

Follow frequencies on short-wave will be used in PRESENT TIME from the

austrian red-cross-organisation for AUSTRIAN-EMERGENCY:

1) !!! 80m: 3.685 Mc !!!     2) !!! 40m: 7.085 Mc !!!

PLEASE hold this frequencies FREE !!!

This frequencies are the communication-frequencies for
local-human-helping in the AUSTRIAN-Mountains by SNOW-DISASTER !!!

In order and help for OE7XRK / Base-Station (...."RK":Red-Cross)
                             / Austria/Tirol.

Many thanks for YOUR OBSERVING !

  X  "73!"...de Jens/HB9JOI (DL9FAA)/AMSAT-DL.#9802268      X
  X  QRA____:JN47MP /50km North-East Zuerich                X
  X  RIG____:FT847-B3/ CAT-tracking:STATION.exe(VP9MU)      X
  X          -Full-size-frequency-tracking(Up-and Downlink) X
  X  TX/ant_:max.50WPEP/2x12el-LHCP-RHCP/Preamp.SP2000      X
  X  RX/ant_:(FT847)/2x20el-LHCP-RHCP/Preamp.SP7000         X
  X  Rotator:G5400B /AZ-EL/CAT:IF100                        X
  X  DSP____:AEA/DSP-1232,PcPakratt/WiSP32                  X
  X  Comptr_:PENTIUM 100Mc,2x AMIGA 1200/50Mc,TNC2H         X
  X  Sat____:Ko23,Ko25,Uo22,Ao16,Lo19,MIR & SAREX           X
  X          Fo20/29,Ao10,RS12/13,RS15,Ao27.                X
  X  Working: PACSAT,SSB,CW,SSTV(AMI-SSTV,all-mode)         X
  X                        & terr.ATV & EME                 X

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Internet  : kd2bd@amsat.org          |  Voice : +1.732.224.2948
Satellite : AO-16, LO-19, KO-25      |  Morse : -.-  -..  ..---  -...  -..
Packet    : KD2BD @ KS4HR.NJ.USA.NA  |  WWW   : http://www.njin.net/~magliaco/
Video     : 426.250 MHz/439.250 MHz  |  FAX   : +1.732.224.2060
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