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pacomm --> 847 !!! HELP?

Greeetings fellow sat ops,

I have decided to take Keith's digital challenge.  I feel to protect our
turf, one must be versed in, and able to communicate all modes, all
birds.  I'm struggling up that road.

I have in my possession the PacComm NB96, PSK1 pair.  I am running a
Yaesu FT847, and have a functional KCT tracker/tuner installed.  Is
there anyone out there who has already integrated the Pacomms to the 847
who would not mind this rookie picking their brain?  I need a working
wiring diagram that resolves the seeming ambiguity between the VHF/UHF
send receive lines available on the 847.  I guess it's obvious I wish to
work all the birds, so will need to be able to transmit/receive on both
VHF and UHF.  If you have this setup, you know exactly what I mean.

How about it?  Help anyone?

Thanks and 73, Mike kf4fdj@amsat.org

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