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Re: 1296 Transverter design advice

Our San Diego Microwave (Ham) Group has a supply of surplus Qualcomm
Omnitrack synthesizer boards, 10 MHz TCXOs and conversion information which
make great LOs for 1296 MHz with a little modification. Other versions are
available which work for the  2.3 GHz band. Multipliers are also available
to use these as LOs for 10 GHz as well. Other items of possible interest
might be  convertable 1 watt 10 GHz PAs and 1.5 dB NF 30 dB gain  10 GHz
LNA assemblies. Contact Chuck (WB6IGP) at  clhough@pacbell.net
 - Kerry N6IZW -

>Dear Group,
>I'm planning to build a transverter for 1296 as my next project and
>am looking for your recomendations on the design.  I'd like to
>do something other  then the "no tune" kit.  Its more fun that way.
>This transverter would be for SSB weak signal work.  A lot of
>its time would be for "L" band uplink service on P3D when it
>flys.  In other words, I'm looking for a few watts of output.
>Any comments, sage advice, and design recomendations
>(such as for the  L.O. pre-amp,filters and P.A.) would be
>I'm currently considering used my TR-851A 70cm rig as the I.F.
>This would free up my two meter system for use as the receiving
>I.F. for another microwave band.
>--73-- David WA0AUQ
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