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Help with setting up DSP-12 with FT-847

I need help setting up a DSP-12.  I am using it with a FT-847 and seem 
to have a few problems.  In calibrate mode It will key the radio, I get 
about half of the LED lights but I get no tones to set the audio level 
for TX. I can not receve any packet even on VHF.  Its like it has no 
audio coming from the radio to the DSP-12.  I have it wired the way it 
shows on page 3 of the DSP-12 manual and page 5 of the FT-847 manual 
using the 9600 bps data out pin.  The DSP-12 has Version 2.0 chip set.

If anyone is using a DSP-12 and the FT-847 for PACSATS and UO-22 I would 
like to have a copy of your DSP-12 operating parameters and any tips on 
the use with the FT-847.  It would also be great if you would send me 
your phone number.  I am an airline pilot so that means I am out of the 
shack alot so don't have much time to work on this problem.

Please send replys to my email at coex1000@cwix.com   thsi way I want 
have to go through all the BBS postings.  Phone number and time to call 
would be helpfull.

Tnxs de AC4VM

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