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SUNSAT Success

This note came from Garth Milne at Stellenbosch Univ (the reason
for the SU in SUnsat) thru one of my NASA sources. Reports are
that Oersted is also OK -- Tom


>>>> "Garth W. Milne" <milne@firga.sun.ac.za> - 2/23/99 7:48 PM >>>
>Your thoughts must have helped!
>At 02:10 we uplinked commands to Sunsat and were overjoyed to hear UHF
>telemetry start at 1200 baud as wished. At first we couldn't believe it, but
>its true! Our integration guys know what the data pattern from a newborn
>Sunsat sounds like, and they said "It is ours".
>As a result of some ground station changes we couldn't decode the data, and
>we only record it digitally, so we will wait for the next pass which will
>have a higher elevation.
>Our integration team knows what decodable data sounds like and are (dare I
>say?) that we will decode telemetry in the next pass.
>We only heard the signal for the first time at the maximum elevation, but
>thereafter it
>lasted for +- 5 minutes before we switched it off. (Telecommand worked
>again!).  It may thus be that the orbital elements are slightly out. We look
>forward to an update from Norad.
>This is being written 30 minutes after the event, before waiting for the
>next pass over Stellenbosch, but I wanted you to know ASAP.
>We have had some anxious moments after not getting telemetry, so it is a
>great pleasure to let you all know this good news.
>Thank you all for the great effort in giving us the wonderful launch. I hope
>I can update you with some telemetry data in +- an hour.
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