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Boom splice for Arrow Antenna With gif & JPEG formats

>Oh the MAC.  The file you sent has a tif.sit extension.  The PC world does

>not understand this. You'll either need to send it as a straight tif or

>something else.      

I guess the graphic files I attached did not work very well 
with PC's.  There must be something my Mac will put out
that a IBM can read.
AOL don't seem to like me attaching more than one file
without compressing them.  So let's try just  a  GIF file.

Tools:  Drill with 11/64" bit & a bit to drill a hole for a pop rivet or
            a small sheet metal screw.  (I use 1/8" aluminum pop rivet)
           Saw to cut the boom with.

Material:  3" piece of 5/8" Aluminum tubing.  Should be a very tight fit
                inside the boom.

Turn the boom so the 7 holes for the 437 elements is facing you.
Measure from the front end (non handle end) of the boom 21 1/2 inches.
should be about 3/4" past the hole for the 1st. director element.
and cut the boom at a 22 1/2 degree angle.  Most miter box saws have
a detent at this angle.  This also keys the boom so it can't be put together 
wrong.  Deburr all the edges.
Insert the 3" tubing in the boom with the handle  about 1 1/2"
drill a 1/8" hole through one side of the boom and the the tube.
Fasten  the tube & boom together with a pop rivet.
Fit the front boom over the tube to mate the boom back together.
You may need to do a little deburring of the hole in the boom and
you may need to do a little filling on the tube to make it mate
with the boom.
With the boom put together,  drill the hole in the tube through
the hole in the boom.     (11/64")

That's it your done.

The regular replacement boom for this antenna is $20.
we are charging an extra $9. to make this mod.
We call it a 146/437-10BP Boom.  (BP = Bag Pack or Back Pack)
Cost $29.  plus $6. shipping per order.

We are working on having a real nice custom bag made for this
antenna, with pockets for the elements, maybe a zipper, handle.
I will try and let everyone know when it is available.

for now we have a heavy duty nylon bag made for the 146/437-10
these bags are made for the full length boom.
we have 10 of these left in assorted colors.  Cost $10.

73 Al Lowe N0IMW 
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