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RE: LEO Survey

Hi Randy, Mike, Bruce, & the list:

Here's yet another sampling of data on QSL'ing.....

In 1998, I logged 278 unique calls (including a few dozen on AO-10).  Of
those, I sent QSLs to 180 ops.  Of those 180, I have 148 returned for slightly
over 82 percent return rate.  I only saw 1 call on Mike's listing that is also
in my no-return list.  I did see several calls listed, though, that did send
me a card.

Of the 32 wayward ops (you know who you are), 8 have been sent a second card
with either a SASE (US) or a SAE and a green stamp (DX).  Of those 8, 2 are
from FD and 3 are VEs.  What are you waiting for?  I'll take a Post-It--"don't
need no fancy card."

I also now always send a pre-printed label to make it easier to return a card.
Some stats:  of the 32 total missing, 17 are from RS-12/13, 4 were from FD
(yes, all 4 of my FD contacts are no-returns), and 2 are DX (England, Ireland)
from December, so I don't really count them among the MIA yet.

On the more positive side, my most unique card was from Bob, W3TT (HRO store
in DE).  He Xerox'ed my card on a sheet of bright pink paper and signed his
acknowledgement (this QSL completed my WAS).  A couple of cards I think are
really attractive are:  WA4CAX, Larry's pic of shuttle; K5PK, Steve's P3D
integration pic; and KF4FDJ, Mike's EL86 pic on the beach in his shorts
w/Arrow, HT, and headphones.

Jerry, K5OE
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